Top 5 cheapest Airlines for Traveling to United States

Top 5 cheapest airlines

There are several circumstances when we usually prefer cheapest resources that are available for our traveling needs. Top cope with such situations we are suggesting you some of the top 5 Cheapest airlines for traveling to United States.

Usually, the Direct flights between France and the United States cost less than 300 € for a complete round trip. Which was inconceivable just a few years ago, is now becoming possible thanks to the arrival of low-cost airlines on Trans-Atlantic routes.

Top 5 cheapest airlines for traveling to united states

Norwegian or Wow Air competes with Air France or Delta on the road to North America with flights from € 129. For the same price as a Paris-Nice TGV last minute, we can now go to New York, Boston, Los Angeles or either San Francisco.

To fly at such a price, you have to make some concessions: traveling light and bring a bottle of water and a snack. The lowest fare includes a seat and cabin luggage of 10 to 12 kg. Adding a meal on board and luggage in the hold costs 70 €, which is half the price of the ticket. New airplanes, individual screens, USB plugs etc. The comfort may not be the same as on a conventional company, but it is not sacrificed so far. Now here is the list of top 5 cheapest airlines of 2018.

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Norwegian Airline Comes first in top 5 Cheapest Airlines

The first airline to launch long-haul flights between France and the United States is Norwegian. This flight serves seven American cities from Paris CDG to Paris-Orly. Prices start at 149 € even if the return flights are slightly cheaper. A calendar allows you to see the best prices over the next months.


The flights are operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner known to consume 30% less fuel compared to a similar size aircraft. Norwegian is considered the “best low-cost and long-haul international airline” since 2015 by the rating agency Skytrax.

Cities that Norwegian Served: Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami (Fort Lauderdale Airport), New York, Orlando, San Francisco (Oakland Airport)

Level Airlines Comes Second in top 5 Cheapest Airlines

With Paris – New York starting from just € 129, Level offers the cheapest tickets on the market. The IAG group subsidiary (which includes British Airways, Iberia and Vueling) is the latest to launch on low-cost transatlantic flights. Its fleet of A330-200s has Wi-Fi (from 8.99 €) and screens with movies, series and music (free service in 2018, paying beyond). Four weekly flights are scheduled between Paris Orly and New York.

level airlines

City that Level served: New York (Newark)

Primera Airlines Comes third in top 5 Cheapest Airlines

Still little known in France, the Danish company Primera Air offers flights between the New York and Paris since May 2018 and Paris and Boston since June 21. If the outbound flights are offered from 149 €, the return flights are generally cheaper (120 € in October and November, 102 € in December, for example).

primera airlines

A calendar allows you to know at a glance the best prices arriving for the next month. Special feature of Primera Air: long-haul flights are provided by single-aisle load carriers (A321 Neo) with only 200 seats.


Cities that Primera Air Served: Boston, New York (Newark)

XL Airways Comes fourth in top 5 Cheapest Airlines

French airline, XL Airways offers economic flights between Paris CDG and four US cities. For a Paris – New York, count at least € 379 round trip. Unlike the other companies mentioned here, a hot meal and checked baggage are included in the ticket. On board, a cloud system allows you to watch movies or read the press on your tablet or smartphone. The flights are operated by A330-200 and 300 with between 361 and 408 seats.

XL Airways

Cities that XL Airways Served: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco

Wow Airlines Comes fifth in top 5 Cheapest Airlines

The Icelandic airline Wow Air offers a large number of routes between France and the United States. Disadvantage: Flights include a stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland. But thanks to the stopover, travelers can extend the duration of their stopover to a few days at no additional cost. It’s the way to make two trips at the price of one.

Wow airlines

Other advantages: Wow Air is the low-cost airline that serves the most cities in the United States and is the only one offering departures from Lyon.

Cities that Wow Air Served: Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington DC

These are our top 5 cheapest airlines to for traveling to United States. If you find this article helpful, then do mention in the comments section below we like to hear it from you.


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