Top 5 Airline Disasters in History, Air Disasters all over the world


Top 5 Airline Disasters: The most fatal mishap, similar to an ideal thunderstorm is a mix of a few uncommon occasions and it demonstrated that all in all, it takes a ton of things to turn out badly before a disaster can occur. Here we have the list of top 5 plane crashes in the world.

Top 5 deadliest airline crashes

The catastrophe of Tenerife Airport Plane Crash

After an assault attack at the global airplane terminal of Gran Canaria (Las Palmas), five bigger planes and various other planes that needed to stop there were occupied to the air terminal of Los Rodeos in Tenerife. Los Rodeos wasn’t the main air terminal, with a runway and a parallel runway, and four exits between them. However, planes moved to the runway and took off.

Regardless of these dangerous situations, when Gran Canaria opened again in 1977, the stopped runway blocking plane in Tenerife asked the two 747s to move away from the main runway, so as to get in position for take-off. The mist was thick to the point that none of the planes could see the other, nor could the controller in the pinnacle see the runway or the two 747s there.


Since the air terminal did not have ground radar, the main path for the controller to distinguish the area of every flying plane was to utilize radio voice reports.

Following a few false impressions in the consequent correspondence, the KLM flight endeavored to take off while the Pan Am airline flight was still on the runway. The subsequent crash crushed two planes. This was one of the biggest plane crash in the world in which 583 victims and around 61 survivors were reported.

Japan Airlines Flight No 123

The next biggest plane crash in the world was with the airline flight no 123 which was the local flight linked through Haneda Airport (International airport in Tokyo) heading towards the Osaka Airport of Japan.

worst Air crash

The crash happened at the Osutaka Ridge which is a few distances from Osutaka Mountain. In this plane crash, 520 victims and 4 survivors were reported. This plane crash occurred in the year 1985, all the 15 staff members of the flight also died in this deadliest plane crash.

Charkhi Dadri Collision

This was another biggest plane crash in the world that occurred in the year 1996 in which there were 349 victims, and no one could survive. The two aircraft which collided were Airline flight Boeing 747-100B on route from New Delhi to the Dhahran in Saudi Arabia and the other airline flight was Illushin II-76 which was headed from Kazakhstan (Shymkent) for the New Delhi.

This collision is named as the charkha Dadri collision because it occurred over the village which is named as charkha Dadri.

Turkish Airlines Flight No 981

Another devastating airline crash happened in the year 1973 which took 364 lives, and no one was survived from this crash. This plane crash occurred to the Turkish airline flight no 981 which was headed from Paris for London.


During the flight over the Meaux (a city in France) a massive sound of the explosion was heard followed by an air intake because the cargo hatch was torn off. The whole aircraft got out of control although the pilots tried hard to gain control after a few seconds the plane crashed in a forest. It was the worst airline crash as it seemed to be a bomb blast in the airline after seeing that aircraft.

Air India Flight No 182

This airline flight was headed from Montreal to Delhi linked through London in which 329 victims were reported with 0 survivors. The flight no 182 Boeing 747-237B was crashed due to a bomb blast and found in the Atlantic Ocean in the territory of Ireland. The flight has over 250 Canadians, 28 Britishers, and few Indians as well.


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