American Airlines: List of Top 10 US airlines in 2018

American Airlines list

Our List of Top 10 American Airlines

American Airlines: Calling them sky eagles is not the only way out for airlines services. Even your a picking up one of the best airlines traveling by air is quite tough. Most of the best airlines try their hard to manage it for their valuable customers but some of them can’t manage it either wise.

Top 10 American Airlines 2019

As competition is getting harder airline services are getting better up to some extent. We are listing here the best amongst all to help you stay out of horrible experiences.

The Best American Airlines List

There is a list of American Airlines that are been recognized for world-class services. Here is a list of top 10 American airlines:

Top 10 American Airlines List 2019

Alaska Airline

Alaska world is considered as one of the best among American Airlines with the rating of around 82% that is more than enough. Airlines like Alaska has the least number of customer complaints which is very rare. Besides all that Alaska received the best rating amongst the pets and the leg rooms. So, Alaska comes first in our list.

Alaska airlines 2019

Delta Airlines

Delta airlines come at the second position by the rating score of 73.08. This Atlanta based air flight service has a solid score on the board. Despite it’s increasing ticket price that makes it price score of 3.5 out of 10. Due to its lack of complaints, it scores high amongst others. It’s denied boarding rate is the least among all that makes it second in the list.

Sky West airlines

Sky West comes third in the list. This Utah based American Airline is now serving around 238 destinations in the Northern-America. With the user satisfaction score of 69%. Sky west successfully managed to score among the top 10 American-airline list. Sky-west did perform better than others last year in terms of user complaints.

United Airlines

United airlines come at fourth with the destination serving of 342. This Chicago based airline is rated as 63.4% with the perfect entertainment and legroom facilities including better refreshments options. Due to pet-related incidents, United Airlines scored worst amongst the top three.

Virgin America

Virgin America stands 5 with a rating score of 62.5%. This airline comes at this position this year due to its strengthening performance in 2017. Its just because of the least number of user complaints and least mishandled baggage. Virgin America Scored 14.15 out of 15 in terms of user complaints.

Virgin-America Airline

Jet Blue Airline

Jet Blue Airline comes at Sixth due to its lower customer satisfaction rate. Jet Blue scored 62%. With the better customer complaint score, it has the worst flight delay score that makes it 6th among all.

American Airlines

American Airline comes in the worlds largest airline service in the US. Its headquarter is located in Fort Worth. Amercian-airline scored 61.79 which is approximately equal to jet blue. Due to huge flight delays and mishandling baggage rate, it holds the 7th position among others. It provides the online portal for users to track their flight info. You just have to log in to newjetnet login portal by navigating to jetnet-login.

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Express Jet Airlines

Express jet Airlines is known as the subsidiary to SkyWest. This airline is considered as one of the largest regional airlines with serving at 194 destinations. Express Jet comes at the 8th position due to its higher user complaint rating of 67.5 %.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian comes at 9th place with a rating score of 56.64%. Hawaiian is currently serving 28 different destinations. Despite all, it stands high in terms of cancelation scoring of 8.54 out of 10.

South West Airlines

Southwest comes at the tenth place when it comes to rating and user satisfaction rate. South West Airlines scored 55.8% with the poor scoring in terms of cancelation of flights.

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